Bloody Gore Comix

  • The Bloody Gore Comix Anthology

    The sickest horror anthology around! Over 130 pages of immoral art and shameless violent humour!

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  • Rise of the The Blood Queen!

    The prequel to Zombie Commandos From Hell! Revealing the origin of the psychopathic Blood Queen!

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  • Will Broad’s Carnigor!

    Gothic adventuress Deanna Carter, steeped in the arcane lore of hidden histories and occult sciences, has discovered a passageway into this eldritch world. She alone can uncover the truth of its hideous nature and confront the unspeakable horror of the impending apocalypse.

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  • Halloween Monsters

    Happy Halloween demons and women of the night, who are out for a bloody bite!

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The new face of BGC!


Well here it is, the all new, all improved website for showcasing our projects! The store has been completely revamped and updated with actual real time shipping costs from Post Canada, since we’re based in the great white north. You will find cheaper rates as well as more details for each book. There is more to come in terms of content but the books are there for you to grab! Have a look and let us know what you think!

Violent Skate Bulldogs – Coming This Fall From Bloody Gore Comix!

Polish creator ?ukasz Kowalczuk joins the BGC roster with a contribution to the upcoming anthology, but also with an english adaptation of his insane Violent Skate Bulldogs book!


?ukasz is best know for his Vreckless Vrestlers series, already published in Europe. His distinct raw style brings back the 80’s like a fist in the face! For more info about him and his works, check out his blog:!


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